Margaret Atwood collection of books

Margaret Atwood collection of books

Margaret Atwood is a Canadian writer, best known for her novels, short stories and poems. She decided to pursue writing as a career in the early years of her life. She is a feminist by nature and her fiction revolves around a woman character in most of her novels. Her writing has an impact on the reader’s mind and one is forced to think about the connection between reality and fiction after reading her stories and poems. Her fictional work consists of historical as well as scientific backdrops with a strong and independent woman as its central character. Her stories have realistic yet imaginative textures which converge thoughtfully with open endings that tend to make a greater impact on the society. Many of her stories have been adapted into stage plays and movies in addition to the translation of her works to almost 30 languages. She is considered as a literary genius with the ability to connect her fictional character with the deepest emotions of the reader and society. She is an international award winning prolific author and also a well known humanist. She is also the inventor of LongPen technology, which enables remote writing. Her wide range of work reflects her unique personality, which also makes her a leading public figure and cultural commentator. Her literary work is a precious gift to the society which undoubtedly makes her immortal.

Название: Margaret Atwood collection of books
Автор: Margaret Atwood
Язык: English
Издательство: Different
Год выхода: 1998-2019
Формат: fb2/epub
Страниц: 37 books
Размер: 60 mb

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