Lemonchill - Journey Through An Electric Garden (2009)

Lemonchill - Journey Through An Electric Garden (2009)

Исполнитель: Lemonchill
Название диска: Journey Through An Electric Garden
Жанр: Dub, Downtempo, Ambient, PsyChill
Дата Выпуска: Oct 2009
Качество: vbr
Источник: CD, Album
Количество треков: 9
Размер файла: 61 mb

Lemonchill first came to our attention a few years ago with his distinctive sound......utilizing all the influences he grew up with in Haifa, Israel. The predominance of great trance music in Israel, along with synth pop and broader influences like Jazz, Folk, Lounge and ethnic sounds all come together on his new album, Journey Through An Electric Garden. Expect lush soundscapes, deep grooves with dub influences and uplifting four to the floor beats included for good measure. This album will fit right in with fans of Mystical Sun, Tripswitch, Abakus, Pete Ardron, Shpongle and more. Lemon Chill has released many singles on the leading international labels supporting this sound and his fans across the planet have been demanding a full length album for some time.

01. Safe Passage (Intro) [01:44]
02. Adam And Eve [06:24]
03. En Larmes [05:55]
04. Moonlight Sonata [05:22]
05. Electric Waves Of Silence [07:35]
06. Sublime [05:44]
07. Subconscious Whispers [06:22]
08. Subway Express [06:50]
09. Journey Through An Electric Garden (Outro) [03:18]


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